48. Let’s repeat right now!

48. Let’s repeat right now!

Do you remember your first date? How did you first see each other? Most likely, you often recall this with nostalgia. For most people, first dates are similar to each other: walks, cafes, amusement parks. But everyone has something that makes a meeting special.

What you need: free time

Preparation time: a week

Budget: medium

Remember your first date in as much detail as possible: what were you wearing, what did you eat, what route was it, what did you talk about? And repeat the first date with maximum accuracy. If you are going through hard times now, then such a date will help revive those feelings that were at the beginning of the relationship.

Date Algorithm:

It would be desirable, if your first date was in winter, to repeat it in winter. Any deviation from the script will not help to fully evoke the thrill inside that was.

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