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If I were an information businessman, I would start with the words: I bought everything I needed, arranged a romantic, and I broke off. If you do the same, you will be happy. Maybe that’s how it works. You bought a bottle of wine, flowers, ordered sushi and write SMS: “Get ready, you are so .. tired after work, an interesting meeting awaits.” The romantic dinner was a success. Think you need to do it again. Search the Internet for ideas for a romantic date:

A date in a cafe – to eat Caesar over a glass of Chardonnay.
Date on the roof – eat pizza, talk about romance, drink a bottle.
A date in the forest – well, it’s definitely not picking mushrooms there.

There are many ideas for romantic dates, places for romantic dates are different, but the implementation is actually the same. You get tired of such romantics quickly. Boring, uninteresting, predictable ending. You can go the other way. In the morning write a text message: “I love the way you moan my name. I want all the homeless people behind the garages to remember my name today. At 20:00 I’m with you.

Beautiful, original, but it all comes down to one thing again. A romantic date is not a prelude to something I won’t talk about. After all, the goal of romance is to create a sublime attitude through ideas, feelings and emotions. Everything else is just a nice bonus. And the youth can tell more about them than I can.

Couples diverge only because the very romance that was at the initial stage is leaving their lives. Kills everyday life. And the first romantic date of the couple is too idealized. And it starts:

– I wasted the best years of my life on you!
– Um, you just don’t want anything..

69 romantic dates will help you strengthen new relationships and return passion to those where love has long gone. They can be easily organized by a man or a woman, a guy or a girl. Perhaps – a grandmother or grandfather (time will tell).

In the list you will find romantic dates at home, dates in a hotel, dates in nature, dates in a car. From short to long dates. I personally ran these romances and none of them was like the previous one.

And if you have found your man, then cherish your feelings. Give joy. At least once a year.

69. Proposal to continue

So our marathon of romantic dates has come to an end! 69 different dates that will help unite each other and restore the fire of love. Even if it went out many years ago. And if you just lit this fire, then it’s time to add ignition to it so that it ignites even more. And ceased to be a small fire. Love has no boundaries!

68. Family rules

Do you have family rules? Don’t rush to answer. If your rules are not fixed, then they do not exist. Even the banal rule “do not change” can be omitted at any time. But, when it is written on a plate or a magnet on the refrigerator, it is fixed in memory. And forms the right vision of the family. Do you have family rules?

67. Role-playing games

Welcome to the red room! There are no rules in this room. And you can always get out of it. Remember the stop word: “Red”. This is the only thing you can say. This room is dominated by emotions. No reasoning or thought. Only actions and hidden desires. If you’re ready, then I open the door…

66. Business breakfast

As you get older, it gets harder to make new friends. There are childhood friends, former classmates, but we communicate with them very rarely. Basically, the circle of our communication is colleagues and people with whom we see each other constantly every day. But is it the environment that pulls us up? Most likely, this is an environment that helps, at best, not to fall down. How to find support?

65. Shopping

Most women love shopping, but most men don’t. Women are relaxing. Men are so tense. A woman comes for a hat, but goes through all the departments. A man comes, takes what he needs and leaves. Perhaps this is exaggerated. But for each of us, shopping is completely different. And this is the whole spark of this date!

64. Handmade

Handmade are crafts and souvenirs, sewn, glued and tied by hand, and causing a gentle smile. The word hand in translation from English means “hand”, and made means “done”. Give your loved ones something just for the sake of it. It is important!