“Matter of Perception” is a punk rock band from Russia. This band was started by Alexander Vereschagin since 2020. The song, created by the punk rock band Matter of Perception, is a song aimed at social and everyday life.

Versatile musician – In the punk rock band Matter of Perception, Alexander Vereshchagin plays the role of songwriter, musician, musician-editor and vocalist.

The perfect combo – The arrangement that was created in this band, focuses on the rhythm of the music and the sound of the guitar, so that listeners can enjoy and feel the songs they have created.

Uniquely Artistic – System of merging musical and artistic, has made the punk rock band Matter of Perception one of the best bands from Russia.

Creative Lyrics By having strong lyrics, Matter of Perception give listeners an idea of what it’s like to live life in this world.

Unsettling Synths Matter of Perception Music has unsettling synths, loud voices, squeaky guitars and broken rhythms to its musical instruments.

For Everyday People – Living under pressure is never easy, but we hope our music can make your life easier.

Now, you can enjoy the punk rock song Matter of Perception in various countries, including Indonesia.