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Podcast about morning rituals and good habits

5 am? Time to wake up! Turn on an early morning show. Start the day with something you’ve been putting off for a long time. No need to waste all morning. Enough 5 minutes. It’s listening time for the release. Choose from the list the morning ritual that you need right now. Get positive for the whole day. And take a step towards the goal. You can create new habits every day.


Each issue is dedicated to one morning ritual. You from the list include what is relevant now. Listen and do it along the way. Usually, podcasts are meant to keep you focused. But, not in this case. Issues are suitable for the background. And it only lasts 5 minutes. No empty words and high spirituality. You don’t have to turn on the podcast at 5am (especially if you’re after a night shift). Practice right after you wake up. Even if it’s in the evening.

The podcast was recorded by: Alexander Vereshchagin, Alexander Gavrilin, Dmitry Cherevatenko, Maxim Glebov. Music: Andrey Zhitenev. Watch the video to see how we recorded the podcast.

Podcast "It's time to wake up!" about morning rituals


"I've never listened to a podcast before. My friends suggested "Time to get up". I'm just stuck and don't start the day without it. Useful and humorous!"

Гульназ Хасанова
Singer April
Participant of "Voice" (Ukraine)

"It's amazing that the podcast "Time to get up!" belongs to the "healthy lifestyle" section. If this is him, then on the verge of a foul. Listen every day and your back will not hurt.

Александр Стародубцев
Alexander Starodubtsev
Author of the book "Start a business!"


Especially for those who want to arrange a weekly early rise challenge, we have developed a daily planner for 7 days. Thanks to him, you will change your lifestyle, introduce the habits of successful people, recharge your batteries and fix the results of the rituals of the podcast show “It’s time to get up!” Download for free, print on a printer and go!

Most of the time we waste our mornings on unnecessary things. It is worth noting that dog walking, childcare and other duties can also be turned into an element of useful rituals. The podcast will be the perfect complement to the books “Morning Rituals”, “Magic of the Morning”, “Little Rituals”, “Atomic Habits”, “Better Every Day”. My morning rituals are scheduled for the week. You can download the template and use it. It’s time to find your morning ritual!

Podcast "It's time to wake up!" about morning rituals
Podcast "It's time to wake up!" about morning rituals

I could die...

This photo could be the last on the pages in social networks. End of February 2019. I’ve been sleeping for a week now. Woke up only to go to the toilet. 30 times a day. With an effort he got up and walked … to the touch, as he did not see anything. I remember how badly I wanted sweets. The brain has ceased to receive what it cannot live without. This dangerous complication is ketoacidosis. Later, doctors will say: “A little more and the fourth cross would be put not in the diagnosis, but on the lid of the coffin.” That’s how I found out that I have an incurable disease – type 1 diabetes with multiple complications. Doctors argued: “Just bad luck.”

Podcast "It's time to wake up!" about morning rituals

Incurable diagnosis

So my face has changed in a week since the first “bell”. Read more here. I lost 10 kilos. Vision dropped by -2. I could not logically connect more than two words. The stomach stopped digesting food. I ate, ate, but everything remained inside. The stomach became hard as a stone. If I had immediately realized that something was wrong with me, then many “additions” could have been avoided. And I thought: “It will hurt – it will pass.” You know, I actually understood what was going on. And I felt nothing but acceptance. The family got angry. They didn’t want to understand the reason. But I didn’t have the strength to explain what was going on. I wanted to sleep more.

Podcast "It's time to wake up!" about morning rituals

New life

And this is me a week after I was discharged. I open a set for a modeling school. I am wearing a hat because my hair was falling out a lot. I had to give up many favorite dishes in favor of more healthy ones. Daily food count. Endless injections and punctures. And not even 21 days have passed, as life has acquired a new shade. I felt like I had finally begun to live! And this fire is not extinguished until now. I support him with constant morning practices. And launched “It’s time to get up!” – a podcast for development, but with humor. And his main message is to live! And, of course, with a smile on your face.

Interview with Alexander Vereshchagin for the Sea Inside channel about the modern world of podcasting. Past projects and development ideas for the podcast. In the article you will also find a video recording music for the podcast “It’s time to get up!” about morning rituals and good habits.


You can order advertising in our podcast on Yandex.Music. Especially for your brand/product/service, we will write down a ritual that will create the association brand = the right start to the day.


Order the voice acting of a text, video, video presentation, advertising in the voice of a radio host, which many already associate with the magic of the morning and good habits.

Time to wake up!

And start the morning right 😉