How to make a podcast?

  • Date: 25.01.2020
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I read “Number 1” by Igor Mann. Yes, everything is specific, short, sequential. But, all these steps lead nowhere. This is walking in circles. Found a flaw – fixed it, found it – fixed it. It creates the illusion of moving forward. And until you light up some idea, you will not make a significant jump. And if it caught fire, then intuitively you know “what” and “how” to do. I will not sell services and training on how to create a podcast. No infobusiness heresy. I will just share my personal experience in podcasting. In this extensive article, I will give the basic knowledge that will allow you to create your tackle. There will be many links in the article that will complement this knowledge. Learn and act!


End of February 2019. I am visiting a friend. Cooked food, bought beer. I’m waiting for him from work. At this point, I will clarify that we are only friends. And friends have an agreement – do not smack friends.

Doorbell. I look through the peephole – it costs 5 cops. The house is not very good. There are many orphans, drug addicts and alcoholics in it. They can easily stab if you don’t give them a cigarette. There were cracks all over the floors. Although it was built only a year ago. That’s why it was nicknamed “Titanic”.

I don’t know why, but I decided to open the door. They break in. One for the kitchen, the other for the living room. The rest are all around. I stand and don’t know what to say. Ask stupid questions, but I can not answer them. The tongue is twisted. I feel drunk. I can’t concentrate. My language works well, in relation – to tell something, to weave, to agree. But at that moment … I felt somehow uneasy. I take a book out of the closet. It says “Pendulum and bioenergetics“. And I say that this is my book: “I can bring damage, right?” The two cops looked at each other. I put the book to my face. It had a photo of me and my co-author. “Okay, let’s go,” said the lieutenant. I closed the door. And he blunted to one point: “What did they come for?”

In the morning I came to my parents. Dropped things. Lie down on the sofa. Mom said something. At some point, I can’t stand it and, like a hysterical girl, I start waving my arms and legs so that she gets behind me. “What are you? Drunk?” I answer that I’m tired, very tired and I just want to lie down. I couldn’t control myself. In the evening at the table, my mother told this to my father. Again I freak out and hit the mug on the table. I go to the sofa and fall.

The next morning, I realize that I have stopped seeing. I had to sit very close in front of the TV and put on glasses to see something. I didn’t have the strength for anything. During the day, I went to the toilet 30 times. Terrible dry. Broken legs at night. I woke up 2-3 times to go to the toilet again. And I really wanted something sweet. I didn’t have the strength to get up off the couch. But I could walk 3 kilometers to buy Snickers. Within a week I lost 10 kilos. They probably passed out with urine Mom got mad at me. Dad sighed heavily.

We didn’t talk to mom. My dad and I watched Alfred Hitchcock films every evening. And after one such session, I say: “Here, this advertisement is about helping sick people … Yet these diseases are transmitted at the genetic level. And they all remain and are passed on to the next generations. So why treat if nothing good comes of it? It’s just self-deception.” Father shrugged. I farted and went to the toilet. Came, and the smell is worth it. Lie down on the sofa. He closed his eyes and the next morning he didn’t open them again.

“A little more and there would be no one to save. The body is young. He survived,” the doctor said. I will never forget the month of recovery and treatment. Man intuitively feels his death. And not only feels, but understands that his end is approaching. There is no fear and no desire to cling to life. There is only acceptance. Last night I had a heart to heart talk with my father. He said that I was worried about what he was wrong about, what I was wrong about. Later, in the hospital, I thought about what last memories I could have of myself.

For all the time 160 times they took blood from a finger. 4 times from a vein. More than 10 days lay under a dropper. The first days I lay under a dropper for 2-3 hours. On one of those days I met with hypoglycemia. Now this is a common occurrence – the brain turns off and Khan to those who did not hide … Acetone did not leave the body for a week. And a month later I was discharged with a diagnosis of type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes with numerous complications.

Do you want to know the secret of productivity, stress resistance and mindfulness? Just ask any diabetic how it is to take more than 10 injections every day without breaks and days off, constantly monitor all aspects of your life and fall asleep with the thought that you may not wake up tomorrow.

That is why I decided not to waste a single minute of my life. While I was in the hospital, I figured out my priorities and goals. I decided that now it’s time to finally come to catering with my knowledge and skills as a writer and business coach. Well, even with experience as a leader. I have long wanted to devote myself to this area. But for some reason, the hands did not reach the point. All my activities were mostly related to creativity. Sometimes I got good money. But, when something didn’t work out or bad times came, then immediately there was a desire to quit everything and go to a normal job. Grain dryer, for example.

But if you learn the restaurant business, then only from the best. I called a familiar girl from Moscow. She has many famous and rich friends. Thought she would help me. He told the whole situation that I need a cool restaurateur. Less than an hour later, she gave me all the contact details. I called and made an appointment. And the next day I was in Moscow in a premium restaurant. Without days off from morning to morning, I understood every profession from the cleaner to the manager. I was so carried away by all this that I prepared training materials for each employee on remembering wines, welcoming guests, service, etc.

And then came the very day when you need to go to the hospital for a prescription for insulin. It is not issued to non-residents in Moscow. And buying the insulin I need is very expensive. I had to leave. And upon arrival, the thought comes to me that I can study in my city. And at the same time help others in the development of a new profession. I open notepad and start writing:

“Through a podcast (podcast) we will transfer knowledge of the restaurant business to people. And improve the level of service. After all, we are in the business of education. And a podcast is the best way to do this for free for food service employees and people who want to connect their activities with this interesting and diverse field. Also, the podcast will be an additional material to the main program of students. Thus, we will advertise institutions. And we will eat with them for free.”

And I started writing the script for the podcast interview. This is my story of getting into podcasting. From the next chapter, we will move on to important information, namely, how to make an author’s podcast?

sushi pizza rock and rolls Tambov

Podcast “TFood” about business

Why TFood? And hell knows. This is the first thing that came to mind. I tried to somehow cross the words “Tambov”, “Public catering”, “Restaurant” and “Education. Nothing came to mind. A fly flew into my mouth. I spat, “Ugh… Oh, my God! This is genius!”


I never listened to podcasts. And I still don’t listen. But there was a desire to create the best podcast available. I started acting intuitively. He recorded the opening speech: “The first Tambov podcast show about the restaurant business TFood.” (Now I am not developing this podcast) I completely switched to the morning show “It’s time to wake up!” about good (and a little bad) habits. The podcast will help you change your life in 4 minutes a day. In general, the day that does not start with good habits is bad!

I already had a good podcast microphone, the RODE NT USB. Therefore, there were no difficulties with the recording. Difficulties began with processing.

Life hack – it is better not to write in the closet. The sound becomes muffled. I decided to give it to a freelancer for processing. An hour later he sent the final file. Put some music in the background. Made voice effects. It sounded expensive, but like an advertisement. I say I want this release to be like an action trailer, not like a local ad. He sent another one. I, disappointed, unfriended him. I was recently interviewed for a podcasting day. I shared life hacks for the record. You can read here.

I installed all the necessary plugins and began to create what sounded in my head. It was difficult, but three days of work on a one-minute issue immediately gave me three years of experience and minus 1 for my eyes. Every time I am convinced that no one will do better than you yourself.

Applied to the conversational genre society to connect to VK. Approved a week later. Posted the first episode. Copied the podcast’s RSS. I sent it to Yandex.Music and iTunes. This is necessary so that by adding a podcast to VK, it will automatically appear on other platforms. If VK did not approve the application, then make an account on SoundCloud. Through him, I did a trial run in podcasting. Then he uploaded it to Yandex. You can find in the search: “Fall in love, achieve, stay alone.” That’s basically the whole story.

There are tons of articles on how to apply and download a podcast. There is no point in repeating myself. I will not tell you somehow more accessible and “newer”. But I will share important information. The following chapters are instructions on how to start a podcast, record and promote episodes. I did all this information for myself and my team. And I hope it will be very useful to you.

Sushi City

How to write podcasts?

TFood is the first audio podcast about the restaurant business in Tambov. The podcast is officially registered by the colloquial genre society, the VKontakte website and the Yandex.Music service. The total coverage of the two sites is more than 20 million users. Of these, the Tambov audience will be enough to ensure a constant flow of guests for several years to come. It remains to make sure that they learn about the best restaurants in Tambov. And this should not be a repulsive advertisement, but an honest, sincere conversation from behind the scenes of catering.

Algorithm for preparing for the recording of the issue: we agree on recording the interview. We find reviews on the Internet. We make questions based on them. We find additional information about the restaurant from open sources. We use the sent text from the administrator for the basis of a future blog article. In the body of the article, we add a podcast recording (for the possibility of listening through the site) and links to services. In the article, the keyword should be the name of the restaurant and the name of the site in Russian letters. Heading: “TFood”. Tags: “Podcast” and “Tambov Restaurants”. The podcast recording must be attended by the podcast author, photographer and copywriter. The copywriter analyzes the menu, communicates with employees and guests, that is, collects material for a future article. The article and other publications are made out with photos with the logo of the podcast and the site.

The interviewees are given a set of a notebook (on the cover there is the TFood logo and a link to the website. And on the first pages there is a commercial offer for training staff training), a magnet with the podcast logo and business cards. Materials are distributed to draw attention to staff training services. Magnets can be given out to restaurant guests to promote the podcast.

The release is recorded in a restaurant in the least noisy room. The location should not change. The interviewer and the interventionist sit next to each other. Their speech should be directed directly into the microphone. Everyone follows the sounds “s”, “z”, “c”, “u”, “h”, “p”, “b”, “t”, “d”. The RODE NT microphone picks them up very well. And it will be impossible to correct such recording defects. There should be a glass of water nearby if the lips are dry (they begin to “soften”). Recording is done either through a laptop on the Reaper, or on an iPad, via a Lightning to USB 3 adapter on the Rode Rec. It is desirable that the room has sound-absorbing materials or a large amount of upholstered furniture. Never write in the middle of the room with your back to the wall. It is better to sit with your back to one corner and facing the other.

Participants must maintain a dress code. Everyone who participates in helping to record the broadcast or in organizing a training from Matter of Perception must have a badge with a logo and a name or a badge with a logo. Uniform dress code is encouraged (e.g. polo shirts). Corporate colors: yellow, black, red.

After the release of the podcast episode, the restaurant promotes it on its social media pages. Restaurant staff take photos during the taping of the story release. After the release of the podcast, a repost is made on the social network VKontakte with the release of the podcast or a link to the podcast is published. If desired, an MP3 release can be sent to the post office for further placement on the restaurant sites. Hashtags can be used for promotion: #resteach, #tfood, #podcasttambov, #podcast68, #businessperception #restaurantstambova #cafetambova.

Opportunities for the restaurant that open up thanks to the podcast: openness as a tactical move; additional PR channel; additional sympathy from search engines; advantage over competitors; quality feedback; the ability to conduct surveys on the air and advertise the menu; newsbreak generation.

Papa John's interview

Recording proposal

Good afternoon! My name is Alexander Vereshchagin, I am the author of the marketing studio “Matter of Perception”, the podcast program “TFood” and more than 10 books on practical psychology and management published by TOP publishing houses in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries.

Recording a podcast episode with its placement on all popular music services (for example, Yandex podcasts, Vkontakte podcasts) and thematic sites. An article about you and your establishment on the site with a photo review. A professional photographer will be invited to record the broadcast. An invited copywriter from us will write a review article on our and friendly sites, for example… (more on promoting cafes and restaurants on the Internet.)

What do we need to record a podcast episode? Interview with owner/manager, manager/chef, waiter/bartender. The more people involved in the interview, the longer and more varied the release will be. Only interesting and useful moments for listeners will get on the air. Some reservations, something wrongly said and mistakes will be cut out. You can prepare a text with the history of your institution or any other text representation. We record on your premises. And it’s free, as we’re making a podcast to:

Teach. Through a free podcast, to convey to people the knowledge of restaurant management. And improve the level of service. After all, we are in the business of education. And a podcast is the best way to do this for free for food service employees and people who want to connect their activities with this interesting and diverse field. Also, the podcast will be an additional material to the main program of students.

Reduce turnover. Help people to choose the most suitable place of work for them. Perhaps, after listening, you will be bombarded with resumes by the best workers in the region. As a rule, it is good where we are not. And employees are moving from one place to another. Thanks to the podcast, you can identify who you need and tell the basics of staff selection.

To draw attention. Show listeners and guests the inside of the restaurant business without any show. And this in itself will attract people to listen. People are always interested in watching the lives of others, so this genre will not only not die, but will develop.

We are waiting for the most convenient date and time for recording the podcast program from you. It is advisable to find the least noisy room for recording. You can also prepare the text-base for a future article. This will simplify the task of our copywriter. And he will convey your idea more clearly. The main thing – do not try to praise yourself and your institution. The reader must find information about himself, his interests and needs. Don’t use formulaic phrases. Show through the text that you understand the reader’s needs and can solve their problems. Do not forget about the uniqueness of your institution and the professional team. You can listen to past releases on Yandex.Music or in the VK group. If necessary, I will send the statistics of the podcast. Have a good day!

P.S. And another small request – agree in advance who will participate in the recording. So that there is no such thing as “I don’t want”, “I’m not voice-hygienic”, “I finally don’t know letters.” Let’s respect each other’s time. Reassure shy kids that podcasting is a live conversation, not a text-based interview. You can prepare special tasting dishes. The photographer will take cool pictures, and the copywriter will make delicious text for the site.

Urban food

Podcast voice recording correction

Stage 1. Adobe Audition (primary correction)

  1. Manual removal of overtones of saliva and lips. Then we carry out a “patch” correction by turning on “Show Spectral Frequency Display”.
  2. Noise removal. We select a piece of noise without a useful signal. Effects – Noise Reduction / Restoration – Noise Reduction (process) – Capture Noise Print – Noise Reduction at 90%, Reduce by at 44dB – Apply. Evaluate the noise reduction on the selected piece. If everything is fine, select the entire track. Select an effect and click Apply.
  3. Easily remove clicks from an entire track using the “Adobe Audition Click/Pop Eliminator (process)” effect.

Stage 2. Ableton Live (EQ Eight)

  1. Cut low frequencies up to 100Hz.
  2. Removing boxed sound in the region of 380Hz.
  3. Reduction of whistling overtones around 3500Hz.
  4. Reduction of nasality around 500Hz.
  5. Removal of booming overtones around 150Hz.
  6. Manual correction of sibilants in the region of 8000Hz or with the help of De-esser.
  7. Adding liveliness to the sound around 10000Hz.

Stage 3. Ableton Live (final processing)

  1. Gate. Removing noise in pauses.
  2. Compression. If the articulation is weak, then a large attack is exhibited.
  3. iZotope Neutron – Movie Trailer VO + Exciter + Sculptor
  4. Limiter. Increase the volume of a track.


Podcast Plan

Announcement. A few catchy excerpts from the interview. Rhythmic music in the background. One issue – one main theme that should be traced throughout the entire interview.

Intro: “The podcast show “TFood” about the restaurant business in Tambov is on the air. Today we will be behind the scenes of the restaurant [name] and find out [the main topic of the interview].

Interesting information about the restaurant business: statistics, fact, advice for guests. Information should be useful and practical. And reflect the theme of the release. In addition, there may be a discussion about the restaurant.

Interview. Interviews with employees and managers alternate. The most interesting questions and answers come first. At the end are the most useful questions and answers. The total duration of this block should not exceed 40 minutes.

Advertising insert. Advertising can be both about trainings and about visiting a restaurant. Advertising can also be from a third-party organization related to catering.

Conclusion. What did you like about the restaurant? How is it different from others? Why should you be a guest? What are the advantages of those who work in it? “To summarize… Want an honest assessment? Come visit, taste the food, chat with the staff. Your assessment will be the most honest. And share it on our page “Vkontakte“.

Bonus or call to action. As an engagement, you can voice a contest, a raffle or a promotion. “Would you like to try yourself as a podcast host in one of the episodes? We can provide you with such an opportunity. Arrange with your favorite institution to record a podcast. We will come and help you to interview. But first we will train you and give you all the materials of the presenter. And don’t forget that we are the first official podcast in Tambov.”

Dodo pizza

Podcast Blog

The title and subtitle should be informative, focused, intriguing, and truthful. Special words can be used in the title: you; this; new; right now; fast; easily; special; unique; finally; Darling.

The main keyword (the name of the institution) is placed in the title and in the first part of the body of the article. The second keyword (the title of the podcast or website) is placed in the subtitle or second level heading. The body of the article must contain the word “Tambov”.

In the first paragraph there is an announcement of the article (its summary). The announcement should cling to make you want to read the article. Each subsequent paragraph breaks down the details in descending order of importance.

The article should reflect the personal opinion of the author, based on what he “saw”, “heard” and “tried”. And in it the author draws a line, draws conclusions from the release of the podcast. Standard length of an article: from 3000 printed characters with spaces up to 6000. It is allowed to attach photos only copyrighted with the logo of the site and podcast. Quotations can only be used if they were written by the author from a reliable source.

The structure of the article should consist of three parts: introduction (main idea), main part (the same can be divided into three parts) and conclusion (conclusion, summing up). The article is proofread twice and checked for uniqueness and errors. To do this, you can use free online services such as “Glavred” (Finds stop words in the text: language garbage, advertising and journalistic clichés, signs of poor syntax and stationery),”” (shows the percentage of text uniqueness, finds duplicates and rewrites) and “Orthogram” (Check for errors and typos, suggest correction options. Tell you how to increase the uniqueness and beauty of the text, pay attention to unnatural or overly frequent combinations).

You can use a comparison with other institutions, provided that the site has articles about them or is planned. This creates a link to the article. The author can tell stories related to this place or the food and drinks that are on the menu. Evaluation takes place according to a 10-point system according to the following criteria: meeting (first impression); service; waiters; hospitality; atmosphere of the restaurant the cost of meals; product quality; innings; the location of the restaurant; visitor reviews; wardrobe and security.

Create a vivid image of the author, which will be traced through the text. Sentences must be a maximum of 11 words. Use metaphors. Capture attention from the first second. Write only the comfortable truth. Innuendo is not a lie. Nobody needs conflicts. No need to be smart. Speak more clearly and understandably, and people will consider you an expert. Do not brag, but tell interesting stories where any facts about you will go in passing. If you want to make a joke, then make fun of yourself. This is how you win people over with your openness. At the end of the article, there should be a call to join the discussion and share the article.

Atrium Square

WordPress memo

The site was created on CMS WordPress. Thanks to the uLogin plugin, the new author logs into the admin panel through any social network. The entrance takes place at the address: The page avatar automatically becomes the profile avatar on the site. Please note that the username cannot be changed. When registering via mail, the avatar will change through the Gravatar website. When registering, you must specify the same E-mail.

All information about yourself is edited in the “Users – Your profile” item. We fill in the given name and surname and indicate in the “Display as” in the order of First Name and Last Name. When specifying links to social networks, you must adhere to the following rules:

E-mail is indicated in the format:


Facebook: vospriyatie/

Twitter: vospiyatie

Instagram: delo_vospriyatiya

Vkontakte: avtrener

YouTube: channel/UC-3XO3HydH4IVH7iV_Ym6PA

Important! Links to personal Instagram and Vkontakte cannot be specified. You can specify personal pages for the rest of the items. Readers who are interested in you can follow them. Therefore, prepare a page for selling your services, products, copywriting superpowers. Your page is your business card.

For Instagram link:

For Vkontakte: vospriyatie

The biography is written in the third person. For example, you can use the following three descriptions:

  1. The world’s leading relationship builder. Ailaving is the founder of the art of passive love. Thanks to his rich experience, he can determine at a glance how long a couple has been dating, how many times a week they have sex and when they will break up.
  2. The best business coach of the Central Chernozem region in 2018 according to NMW magazine. Author of more than 10 books on practical psychology published by major publishing houses in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS.
  3. A person who helps others move forward and achieve results. An expert in the field of personal productivity. Active member of the Association of Practical Psychologists. Author of many articles and books on self-development. Among his clients are company executives, politicians and show business stars.

Articles are added through the item “Entries – Add new”. The article is configured in the right menu. Recording Format: Standard. The “Pending approval” checkbox is ticked. The author should not publish articles without review by an editor. Headings: “TFood”. There is always only one rubric. Tags: “Podcast”, “Tambov Restaurants”. New labels are capitalized. The image must be in landscape format. Approximate resolution: 4932 x 2917. Be sure to specify the keyword in “Alt”. The passage is not torn out of the article, but written separately. Approximately 2-3 sentences. The editor uploads the podcast episode to Media – Add New. After downloading, copy the link and paste it into the “Audio version”.

The article should contain one of the following keywords: tfood, tfood, restich, Tambov podcast, Tambov restaurants, staff training in Tambov, work in catering in Tambov, where to eat in Tambov, Tambov cafes.

To make the text most interesting, it needs to be diversified with interesting facts about the restaurant, statistics and humor. At the end of the article, information about working hours, address, average check, cuisine and website is added.

After the first paragraph, the “Next” tag (Shift+Alt+T) is added. In the article, it is desirable to add subheadings (headings of the second and third levels) containing other popular keywords. Then comes the addition of information in the All in One SEO Pack (subject to its activation) in the “Basic Settings” – title, description and keywords (which are found in the text). We save the article. It’s being updated. Go to “Social settings”, add a title, description and image, which should be loaded from the “Post image”. We are planning to publish an article.

Timofeynia tea Tambov

Podcast Speaking Techniques

Before the interview, it is necessary to warm up the speech apparatus. Interview guests rarely do this. Therefore, it is better to start acquaintance with useful exercises. This will help to tune in to a positive wave and relieve stress.

Lowing. First we hum on one note, then we swing this sound between two notes. The exercise helps to activate the work of the chest and abdomen, as well as remove voice clips and make the voice more expressive.

Inflating a balloon. With a stream of air from the diaphragm on one note, we pronounce a long sound “and”. We do it freely, without jumps, as long as there is enough air. In the same way, we pronounce the remaining sounds: “e”, “a”, “o”, “u”. The second part of this exercise is to inflate the balloon through a cocktail straw. Exercise will help to make the voice even and strong.

Tongue Twisters. Speak tongue twisters at a slow pace. Gradually increase the pace. When difficulties in pronunciation appear, start pronouncing them with a pencil in your teeth.

Reading aloud. Read aloud passages, chapters of books, plays, poems at every opportunity. So you will not only improve diction, intonation, emotional coloring and correctness of speech, but also increase your vocabulary and learn how to express thoughts easily and accurately. When reading, to understand how your voice really sounds, place one palm near your left ear, the other at a distance of a few centimeters from your mouth.

Reading poetry helps to develop the emotional coloring of speech. Reading applied literature develops breathing. Some sentences are very long, with complex turns and words that you need to determine in advance where to inhale and exhale.

Exercise for training low breathing, calming the nerves and concentration: “pshshshsh”, “zhzhzhzhzh”, “zzzzz”.

Exercise to give voice strength: “iii” (long sound until there is enough air), “uh”, “aah”, “ooh”, “uuu”.

Exercise to release the facial muscles: lips with a tube – the syllable “kyu” and – “X” – with lips stretched in a smile.

Range extension exercise: “I paint the cornice with paint: up and down, up and down. Here is the painted cornice.

An exercise to remove voice clips: emotional singing in a non-existent language.

coffee bunny

If there is a pause…

In case there is an awkward pause or if you feel that something has been missed and the topic has not been fully disclosed, you can use the following questions. If the question was used in any of the issues, then you need to make a note. Questions should not be repeated.

The theme of the release must be determined in advance. There should not be many interleaved questions. There must be a conversation. For example, as a topic, you can designate: “Today I decided to make a detour through several hookahs and talk with hookah workers on the topic, how to order the most fragrant hookah cheaply? Listen to the podcast…” This is one theme. In another issue, you can voice the topic of the business itself: “The Ministry of Health has approved a ban on hookahs in cafes and restaurants. Will hookah bars fall under this law? If so, what will the established ones do? As a bonus release, let’s talk about how to choose a hookah for your home. Does size matter?”

Hello! The first official podcast of Tambov “TFood” is on air, where we talk about restaurant business. And on the Yandex.Zen portal we make reviews of the best catering establishments in Tambov and the region.

Today I’m visiting the restaurant [Name], [address]. And in this issue we will touch on an important topic – where does the development of a career in this area begin? Why, who comes into it, will never leave? And who will remain a waiter all his life?

[Interviewee]: “Hi, Sasha! My name is [Name]. I am the manager of this restaurant. And I will immediately answer your question about a career.

Now let’s ask questions to the waiter [Name]. And the first question: “Tell me about the difficulties of your profession. Although. Let’s highlight 5 difficulties in the profession of a waiter. So the first one is…”


Thus, questions are compiled for the podcast broadcast and interviews with staff. For one broadcast, you can interview several people and topics, or you can concentrate on one employee and one topic. The broadcast can be ended with a quote, wishes, conclusion or the phrase: “My name is [Name]. And on the air there was a podcast “TFood” from Matter of Perception. Subscribe, tell and visit the right places”

Barn hookah

Promotion plan for 7 days

Day 1. Monday. Post backstage photos from the shoot (they should have been taken by one of the staff). Announce an upcoming podcast. In the post, you tell: who took part, what they said, what they didn’t say, and describe the general impressions about this experience. An interesting fact about creating a podcast.

On Monday, it is better to tell stories and not publish commercial posts, logic puzzles and advertising. Content should be light and motivating. If you have not yet determined the desired target audience for yourself, then now is the right time.

To draw up a portrait of the target audience, you must fill out the following items: 1. Gender; 2. Age; 3. District of residence; 4. Marital status; 5. Education; 6. Income; 7. Type of activity; 8. Interests; 9. Problems of the audience (what are they afraid of and what do they not want?); 10. The time of activity of the target audience on the Internet.

Day 2. Tuesday. Repost a podcast episode. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to publish podcasts in groups that are not connected to VK podcasting. If you do not like to repost records, you can place a link to Yandex.Music. Be sure to add people to share opinions and give feedback. This will increase the engagement of your audience.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to advertise. Young people are active during the day and at night. Working people are active at breakfast/lunch and on the way to/from work. It is believed that the best hours are from 7:00 to 12:00 and from 19:00 to 21:00.

Day 3. Wednesday. The photographer sends professional photos. Post in the restaurant group. Everyone who took part in the recording uploads photos on their personal pages. If there are guests in the photo and there are dishes on the table, then make a brief description of them. Wednesday is a good time for interesting stories according to the principle: valuable information + commercial part.

Hashtags can be used for promotion: #resteach, #tfood, #podcasttambov, #podcast68, #tambov. Geolocation does not have to indicate your restaurant. You can each time indicate the most public places, for example: “Rio Tambov, Sovetskaya 99a.”

Day 4. Thursday. The article is published on the site. Post a link to the article in the group. But you also post part of the text so that subscribers have a desire to follow the link and finish reading the article. You can indicate what you agree with in the review and what you do not. And you specify that those who are subscribed to the group will receive a 10% discount during the week.

On this day, strive for maximum interaction with subscribers. You publish: polls, games, author’s materials, posts (stimulating views of albums and discussions), commercial posts (promotions, discounts, sales, drawing attention to menu items).

Day 5. Friday. Make a promotional day for one dish or drink. Don’t be afraid to compliment guests in the form of soup, a cup of coffee, a second beer, etc. It will all pay off in the long run. You can compliment a photo review with a hashtag and geolocation. But this must be warned in advance in the group or immediately upon arrival of guests. The waiter should also ask about the release of the podcast and say that you can listen to it in a group. Post reviews in stories.

On Friday, users prefer: photos, short parables, lists, interesting riddles, quotes, entertaining posts. On this day of the week, people often visit public places. Watching videos, listening to music and reading useful posts is not always possible. In your free time, analyze your page: 1. Leading posts and posts-losers; 2. Common features in popular posts; 3. Causes of failed posts; 4. Analysis of competitors; 5. Staff branding.

Day 6. Saturday. Think over the content plan for your group. To get started, it is enough to publish 1-2 posts with reviews of your dishes. Photos do not have to be professional. They must be alive and real. Reviews should evoke emotion. So subscribers will want to come to visit you.

Saturday is the busiest day. It will be difficult to involve the public in discussions. Content, like on Monday, should be “light”. The emphasis can be placed on stories. Ideas: 1. Results of the week; 2. Show workspace/production; 3. Feedback; 4. Announcement of events; 5. Interesting facts; 6. Vacancies; 7. Promotions for the coming days; 8. History of cocktails/dishes; 9. News of the restaurant; 10. A simple survey.

Day 7. Sunday. You are planning to hold a food photography workshop with the participation of a blogger. He will show you how to take photos. Guests will create content for you to repost for free. And among their subscribers they will indicate where such beautiful dishes are prepared.

It is very profitable for restaurants to provide a platform for master classes for photographers, stylists, business coaches, businessmen, etc. It is better for freelancers to provide separate quiet places with sockets. All these people are a very valuable resource for restaurant promotion.

For more information about promoting a cafe and restaurant brand on the Internet, read the article. For acquaintance I offer another article on writing books. It’s also a great marketing tool.

El wine

Promotion Ideas

For the TFood podcast, I focused on promotion through the heroes of the episodes. For a podcast about morning rituals and good habits “It’s time to wake up!” I created a promotion plan. In this chapter I will share the items that were on the list. You can customize them for yourself.

– Business card with QR code on the back.

– Daily: “If I don’t get up tomorrow at 5 am, then the first person who notices 500 rub.”

– Radio interview.

– Video where people share their morning rituals.

– Video “How to instill a morning ritual.”

– Video “How easy it is to get up at 6 am”.

– Teaser “The man under the podcast is going to work.”

– A podcast site with a collection of rituals.

– PDF “Why do we need morning rituals. Instructions”.

– Morning photo shoot for the brand.

– Unique paid edition.

– Paid nominal issues (crowdfunding).

– On the site, the game-constructor “Become a podcast host”.

– On the website: “Suggest a morning ritual.”

– Articles in popular blogs.

– Signatures in E-mail.

– Stickers and masks.

– Backstage recording of the new season.

– Reviews from friends on iTunes.

– Star guests.

– Guest dubbing actors.

– Comic “The Girl Who Stayed Up Late”.

– Mobile app.

– Motivational breakfasts in the cafe.

– Reviews on review sites.

– A book from editions.

– Fan paraphernalia.

– Cards with morning rituals.

– Poster “Start the morning right.”

– Provocative advertising.

– Google alerts.

– SEO / ASO description optimization.

– Participation in events.

– Intensive for 7 days.

– PDF-diary to control the results.

– Sleep app reviews.

– Recipes for morning breakfasts in different countries.


That’s all. There is nothing difficult in creating a podcast. Difficulties will begin later – in promotion and its monetization. I noticed a long time ago that when you create your own product, nobody is interested in it. And when you attract a lot of people to the creation, they themselves promote it. That is why interviews are such an interesting genre. I wrote above what letter I am sending. But the following text worked better:

Hello) I am the author of the first official podcast in Tambov about the restaurant business and the best catering establishments in Tambov. We are registered with the VK conversational genre society, Yandex.Music, iTunes podcasts and other platforms. I have a long text, but I’ll write briefly in my own words: we want to record an episode with you about the work of pizzerias in Tambov, delivery, your benefits, etc. The conditions are simple: material for us – PR for you) I’ll come, record a podcast, with me there will be a professional photographer (he will film the whole thing) and a journalist (he will write a review article on our website). You can treat him to pizza (he still works for food). Free dates we have: 5, 6, 9 August. I’m waiting for your consent to record the release of the podcast).

Why? Yes, all because people lack normal, natural and sincere communication. No auto funnels, gamifications, chat bots can replace live and kind communication. The more robotization goes on, the more human relations are valued. Through the podcast, we show it. Fuck instructions and rules. Spread your arms – they will fall into your arms. Spread your legs – get what you deserve.