69 romantic dates

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69. Proposal to continue

So our marathon of romantic dates has come to an end! 69 different dates that will help unite each other and restore the fire of love. Even if it went out many years ago. And if you just lit this fire, then it’s time to add ignition to it so that it ignites even more. And ceased to be a small fire. Love has no boundaries!

68. Family rules

Do you have family rules? Don’t rush to answer. If your rules are not fixed, then they do not exist. Even the banal rule “do not change” can be omitted at any time. But, when it is written on a plate or a magnet on the refrigerator, it is fixed in memory. And forms the right vision of the family. Do you have family rules?

67. Role-playing games

Welcome to the red room! There are no rules in this room. And you can always get out of it. Remember the stop word: “Red”. This is the only thing you can say. This room is dominated by emotions. No reasoning or thought. Only actions and hidden desires. If you’re ready, then I open the door…

66. Business breakfast

As you get older, it gets harder to make new friends. There are childhood friends, former classmates, but we communicate with them very rarely. Basically, the circle of our communication is colleagues and people with whom we see each other constantly every day. But is it the environment that pulls us up? Most likely, this is an environment that helps, at best, not to fall down. How to find support?

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