Словно читая книгу, эти двое дошли до последней страницы. Столько лет вместе, а в голове каждого остается только один вопрос: "Что после?"

What after?

The two main characters, Nastya and Sasha, are preoccupied with the desire to start a new life after leaving the relationship. Despite the ordinary nature of the situation, because people break up every day, it is worth noting that everyone lives this period in different ways. Some drag the burden of the past behind them for years and do not want to turn this page, while others go further and begin to search. Look for a new love, look for new hobbies, look for a new self.

The always abandoned person seems to have great support in society, so often the environment asks the question: “Who abandoned whom?” Is such a question correct? After all, at the moment of parting, it hurts everyone, both the one who left and the one who stayed. And that’s okay, and it will pass. Just believe. Give yourself time, that’s the main thing.

Did you know that the experience of separation is comparable to the loss of a loved one? And this period is so individual that it cannot be measured by any spiritual ruler. The thing is, it’s extremely difficult to let go. Let go of a loved one, but far from a close person, let go of memories of that time together, let go of even the imaginary unrealized future that was certainly in my head in the “Plans for Life” column, let go of myself of the past. Let go and learn to live in this new reality.

During this long journey, you plunge into doubts about the correctness of the decision made. Maybe you should have stayed? Should I return? Intrusive thoughts appear. Both you and your loved ones begin to catch you on the fact that your speech constructions are similar to a broken record. And, of course, friends say: “And you have a drink. It will get easier.” And here is the first glass, and you think, but the truth is easier. And the second glass and it seems even fun. But the third glass sends you to your personal moral hell, which gave you alcohol.

And the morning hangover, mixed with guilt, eventually rolls into a deep emotional hole. And you, like the hero of the film Eurotour, say to yourself: “I stop sour”. But after this mistake, you make the next one, because you are afraid to be alone with your feelings, alone with your pain. You are afraid to be alone. After all, for so many years there was a person with whom you shared everything, and now everywhere you have to make a decision on your own. You are capable! You can do everything. You have always been a whole, and not half of someone, maybe it’s time to come to yourself? And it is at this moment that the heroes of this film tell you: “Do not be afraid. We are with you. We were where you are now. Give me your hand.”

Film “What’s After?” makes it clear how differently men and women experience a breakup. How differently they think, what they feel and how they cope with mental difficulties. The heroes of the film seem to be addressing you: “Understand – it was, yes, this is your past, but what is happening now is much more important. Just give yourself time for yourself; time for self-reflection and introspection to work through what happened before moving on to something or someone new.”

The heroes of the film will help you. They will tell how it was with them, what achievements and falls were waiting for them at every corner, how they found harmony and how they were in deep depression, how they loved and hated themselves. How they wanted to return everything and how they wanted to forget the former as if he had never existed.

The film provides a therapeutic experience. You need to watch it several times in order to catch deeper details and take out the most valuable and important thing from it: how not to slide into toxic relationships with your ex, with your friends, with family and friends and, most importantly, with yourself. To change your life, to get away from something difficult or painful, you need time and space. Only then will it be possible to overestimate oneself and again orient oneself in the world, become ready for something more. This film is one of the great ways to recover for those who need to finally leave it all behind.

When you watch this movie, you will know exactly what is after.

Because after parting, there is life.

Alina Znobishcheva
Alina ZnobishchevaChief Specialist of the Center for the Implementation of Projects TO CCI
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For me, this picture became the starting point for rethinking my life and the values that I "cultivated" for many years. After watching, you think about whether you are moving in the right direction, are your priorities aligned correctly, are those people next to you? The film prompted action, reminded me of my desire to work on myself, which, in the transience and dullness of everyday life, was shelved and covered with dust.

It is not immediately noticeable that at the end of the film, the books that the hero calls garbage in his head have disappeared. He finished the story and got rid of "that crap". At this time, the heroine changed, but could not completely let go of all this. And when the hero is no longer in this story, for her it continues.

The hero's mistake is that he, without understanding himself, began to move on, but by the end of the film he realized that all the changes were just a fiction and decided to take an important step - to leave the past and move into the future.

At the beginning, the hero says that he has lost weight. And the last time this weight was when he was diagnosed with diabetes. There is a reference here to the fact that the relationship affected his mental and physical state, that he again returned to where he began a new life.

The heroine says the solution is to “keep up with me. Or I'm with him. It's even better…” Thus showing that her dreams do not correspond to reality. She wants to follow a man, but in the end she forces him to follow her. The hero answers mundanely: "When two strong people meet, the battle begins." But at the same time, the heroine talks about the final separation, and the hero says that it is always easier to start at first, showing that the problems will not go away in a new relationship.

Throughout the film, the duality of words and actions persists. The main character started this story from the first frame, but continued even when the hero finished it. Understand yourself first, and then move on.