The right morning = a useful habit + your brand

Here is a working association, and not "f..., advertising again, you'll switch the d..."


«It’s time to wake up!» — podcast about morning rituals and healthy habits. The duration of each issue is 5 minutes. A distinctive feature of the podcast is humor, ridiculing some approaches to healthy lifestyle and the activities of infobusinessers. Only the truth and working tools of self-development.


Basically, 45% of men, 43% of women and another 12% of undecided active people listen to us. The core age of listeners is 25-34 years (42%) and 35-44 years (26%). The TOP 3 countries of listeners include Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In Russia, the podcast is most often listened to in Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, the Tambov Region, the Sverdlovsk Region (Yekaterinburg) and the Krasnodar Territory. The most popular platforms among listeners are Android (40%) and iOS (38%).


A recent study conducted by the analytical company Nielsen showed that advertising in podcasts provides better results compared to other digital media. The main reason for this is the emotional involvement of listeners. Unlike radio and television, podcasts are difficult to perceive passively.

Podcast advertising is a long-term investment. It will not bring rapid lead generation, but it will help strengthen the brand in the minds of listeners or win them over to buying new products and services. Listening to the released releases does not stop even after a year!


"I adopted affirmations. I wake up in the morning and tell myself that I will soon become a millionaire. Life hack: Affirmation usually works on payday."
Артемий Воронов
Artemiy Voronov
The future millionaire
"What could be better than a short morning.. podcast? Tune in to a new day with humor, business and benefits. Recommendation speshelli for eurybadi."
Русское радио Астрахань
Anastasia Fetisova
Russian Radio Presenter


Is advertising only direct?

The mention of the brand and the product can be veiled so that you will not dig in. Tie in with the story, the experience of the presenter, make a reference, a comparison or a direct call to action. There is also a direct mention of the brand at the beginning or at the end: "The issue was prepared in conjunction with..."

Advertising only in a podcast?

It is possible to add advertising information to the branded materials of the podcast, for example, in the diary. It is possible to create fan attributes where funny phrases about the morning are played with your brand. I would love to wear such caps and T-shirts.

How is the script written?

Recording a ritual specially tailored to your product. For example, the ritual "proper brushing of teeth". And in the center of the theme is a toothpaste and a brush of the same brand. And in addition - an interview with a representative. Which will tell you why it is important that the brush and paste are of the same brand. By the way, why?

What is required of us?

From you – a brief and a story about the tasks of the brand, from us – creativity, production, creation and promotion with a guarantee of coverage. Our podcast will allow you to create an association of your brand = healthy lifestyle. Listening to the released releases does not stop even after a year! And the format of the podcast is "It's time to wake up!" allows you to listen to releases if necessary.

On the International podcaster Day, RIA «TOP68» correspondent talked with Alexander Vereshchagin about Internet radio, technical features and opportunities to launch his project.

Blog «It’s time to wake up!» for those who want not to listen, but to read. In addition to morning rituals, healthy habits, you will find other not unimportant topics. Integration and advertising in the podcast blog is possible.

It’s time to wake up!

And start the morning right 😉


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