"It's time to wake up"

Podcast about morning rituals and healthy habits

5 a.m.? It’s time to wake up! Turn on the early morning morning show online. Start the day with something you’ve been putting off for a long time. You don’t have to spend the whole morning doing it. Five minutes is enough. That’s the time to listen to the release. Choose from the list the ritual you need right now. Charge yourself with positivity for the whole day. And take a step toward your goal. You can create new habits every day.


Each issue is devoted to one morning ritual. From the list, you include what is relevant right now. You listen to it and do it at the same time. Usually you have to keep your attention on podcasts. But, not in this case. The episodes are suitable for background. And they’re only five minutes long. No blabbering or high-mindedness. You don’t have to start a podcast at 5 a.m. (especially if you’re after a night shift). Practice right after you get up. Even if it’s in the evening. 

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"I had never listened to podcasts before. My friends recommended "It's time to wake up". I'm just hooked and don't start the day without it. It's helpful and humorous!"
Гульназ Хасанова
Singer Aprilia
Participant of "The Voice" (Ukraine)
"I'm surprised that the "It's time to wake up!" podcast belongs in the "HEA" section. If it is, it's on the verge of a foul. Listen to it every day and your back won't hurt.
Александр Стародубцев
Alexander Starodubtsev
Author of the book "Starting a Business!"
Подкаст "Пора вставать!" про утренние ритуалы


Especially for those who want to make a week-long early-wake-up challenge, we have developed a 7-day diary. With it, you’ll make lifestyle changes, adopt the habits of successful people, get motivated, and record the results of your “It’s time to wake up!” podcast show rituals. Download it for free, print it out on your printer, and go!

I could have died...

This photo may have been the last on the social media pages. The end of February 2019. I’ve been asleep for a week now. Only woke up to go to the bathroom. Thirty times in a 24-hour period. With effort I got up and walked…to the touch, since I couldn’t see anything. I remember having a terrible craving for sweets. My brain stopped getting what it couldn’t get without. It’s a dangerous complication, ketoacidosis. Later on, the doctors would say: “A little more and they would have put the fourth cross not in the diagnosis, but on the lid of the coffin. That’s how I found out that I had an incurable disease – type 1 diabetes with multiple complications. The doctors reasoned: “Just bad luck.


An incurable diagnosis

This is how my face has changed in the week since my first “call. Read more. I lost ten pounds. My vision dropped to -2. I couldn’t string more than two words together logically. My stomach stopped digesting food. I ate and ate, but everything stayed inside. My stomach became hard as a rock. If I had realized right then that there was something wrong with me, many “additions” could have been avoided. But I thought, “It hurts – it will pass. You know, I actually knew where this was going. And I didn’t feel anything but a state of acceptance. My family was angry. They didn’t want to understand the reason. But I didn’t have the strength to explain what was going on. I wanted to sleep more.


New Life

And this is me a week after I was discharged. I open an enrollment in a modeling school. I wore a hat because my hair was falling out a lot. I had to give up many of my favorite foods in favor of healthier ones. Daily counting of what I ate. Endless shots and punctures. And not even 21 days passed before life took on a new hue. I felt like I was finally starting to live! And that fire hasn’t gone out to this day. I maintain it with regular morning practices. And I launched “It’s time to wake up!” – a podcast for development, but with humor. And his main message is to live life! And definitely with a smile on your face.

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An interview with Alexander Vereshchagin for the “Sea Inside” channel about the modern world of podcasting. Past projects and ideas for podcast development.


Are you ready to become a presenter of the trending podcast about morning rituals and good habits? You’ll get all the necessary material: from voice tasks to marketing strategy


You can order a commercial on our podcast on Yandex.Music. Especially for your brand/product/service we will record a ritual that will create the association brand = right start of the day.


 Order the voiceover of the text, video, video presentation, advertising voice of the radio host, who many people already associate with the magic of morning and healthy habits. 

It’s time to wake up!

And start the morning right 😉