8. Time ago

8. Time ago

Romantic game for two – “Time back”. Recall memorable moments of your relationship in 15 minutes. How did you meet, what united you, what held you together, what did you talk about, what did you do and where did you go. Refresh the palette of your feelings. You have 15 minutes. Can you handle it?

What you need: paper, pen

Preparation time: 1 hour

Budget: low

Prepare 1 sheet with the text:

“The countdown has begun. From now on, time returns to the beginning of your meeting. If you do not have time to complete all the tasks by the end of the timer, then your meeting will not take place. Have time to draw up your life map. To fix the important days of your relationship in time.”

2 sheets with text:

“Over time, we stop saying important words that were at the beginning of the relationship. Write letters to each other about what you have long wanted to say to each other. Remember the wonderful moments.”

3 sheets with text:

“It’s time to create your relationship code. Each of you must write 5 points with rules that will help improve your relationship. After all, if you can’t get out of the conflict in time, then it’s better to make sure that this conflict is not allowed. And these rules help you. Keep track of the remaining time.”

Date Algorithm:

Read the text on 1 sheet. And on the back, mark the years and months when important dates in the relationship occurred.

Read the text on page 2. Take two blank sheets and write each other a note of love.

Read the text on page 3. And write your rules. Later, they can be designed beautifully and printed. So that they always have each other.

Arrange at the end of the game to have your “first” date. Make a theatrical meeting in a cafe. Play the roles as if you were meeting for the first time. And end the date the way you could end your first time 😉

A romantic date is not just a dinner at a restaurant or going to the movies. This is an opportunity to show your love and care for your partner, create unforgettable memories together. We hope that our ideas will help you make your date special and unique. Remember that the most important thing is not how much money you spend, but how much love and attention you put into it. We wish you pleasant evenings and happy relationships!

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