Organic Traffic Tools

The Internet hosts billions of websites and blogs. Hundreds of millions of personal pages. Tens of millions of brands. On the web, however, everything is decided by the top ten search results in any type of service. If you do not hip the TOP-10, one might assume that you do not exist. If you do not enter the rating, then users will likely believe you are not worth their time. This article will drive you through the list of non-obvious tools of budget-free marketing on the Internet. Using these, you will be able to move forward and declare yourself, your business, products, or services.


There are two strategies for promoting your blogs: quality and quantity. Or you can write what users of the platform want to read about. For the 5Spheres and Zen portals, I used the numbered article strategy. In the first case, to be the first line in the ranking, and in the second one, to reach monetization and get more opportunities for page promotion.

But running for monetization does not always prove useful. You can make useless content and you will kill your credibility at the very start. It will be very difficult to get it back. I also noticed that after passing the monetization threshold, people only start making content that can be monetized. Like, if a recipe video is being made, it should be at least 2 minutes long. Otherwise, this will not be monetized. But who cares to watch 2 minutes of how to properly spread butter on a sandwich? Brevity + usefulness = right content in today’s world.

You can use different platforms where you will post rewrites of your articles for expanding your audience. If we take on the practice of reputation management, then this dispersion is an important point. But only as a “stake out your presence.” It is better to elaborate on 1-2 blogs, for example, for a Russian-speaking audience and a foreign one.

Organic Traffic Tools

Music Services

Changing the name of a group or composition overnight for better indexing isn’t going to work out. It’s therefore better to think over the naming of the band and the album titles in advance. It is most common that people search for a song by a memorable line from the chorus. And if you come up with an abstract title with references for thinking people, then you can only rely on Shazam.

There are two options without budget tampering on music services:

  1. Creating your own playlists. The playlist tracks and title will play a major role in that.
  2. Liking. If you like your tracks and popular tracks of the common genre, it’s just a drop in a bucket. And if there are many such people, your group will then be equal to those you want to be on a par with.
Organic Traffic Tools


The key pro of a podcast is that you can change episode descriptions. For example, the release description section of the “Time to Wake Up!” podcast features a reference to the studio “Matter of Perception”. And when someone searches for a group in the search, they get a podcast as a bonus.

The most popular issues feature titles with the exact query entry. The rituals I invented are at the very bottom of the audition rating. This means that morning rituals are searched for by all known search queries.

Online Magazines

The key advantage of online magazines is that it gets you the option to express yourself, your business, products, or services. Writing an article for a popular online magazine is not difficult at all. You will be offered to place it as an ad right away. Still, we are talking about free traffic and this option does not fit in this case.

That’s why, when writing an article, we shift the focus from the brand to a specific message. If the article proves useful, then the ad will work automatically. And this gets done without financial costs. I always follow this formula:

  1. There is an issue that your brand can address
  2. You share your personal experience of solving an issue
  3. You briefly mention the brand

I used to send articles in exclusive interview format for small Internet portals. For large ones, I shared useful info while mentioning the author. Maybe the mention of the brand in the text will be deleted, but I didn’t delete that in the author’s description.

Organic Traffic Tools


I have never experienced any problems using this tool. “Breaking in” on TV or federal radio is actually quite easy if you have an interesting topic. For example, some holiday is coming that falls directly into your field of activity. You write to the public or find an editor in the subscribers, talk briefly about yourself and suggest topics you can provide voice-over for. Having agreed once, you will get invited to voice-over events relating to your field of activity. Unless, of course, you turn the first broadcast into brand advertising.

Organic Traffic Tools


There was an interesting case in content marketing promotion of a relationship blog. I ran out of ideas for quality articles. I did not consider buying copywriting market services. Sometimes there were articles that were completely unreadable and had errors. It feels like copywriters write like artisans. The average price range features no good copywriters, especially those with the knowledge of SEO. And it turns out you give money for an article that are going to need revision.

And then I got the idea to publish quotes from books with interpretations of statements. So that it could still have some unique content. And one such article made it to the top very quickly. Organic traffic increased by 300%. Although it was not the key audience that visited the site, the strategy served its purpose, that is, to enhance blog visibility. Want to know what these quotes are? These are from Cesare Lombroso’s book “Criminal Woman, the Prostitute, and the Normal Woman”, where I described 10 facts that will help you recognize a prostitute in your girlfriend. What search queries do you think this article was found on?

Social media

Mobile game developing studios were able to increase the involvement of the public audience by working with the community. I was warned that the gaming audience is very toxic. This may be true, but it does not mean that this fact should simply be taken for granted.

Having analyzed the community, I found out that most of the comments with the problems of the players remained unresolved. Even if the manager solved issues in personal correspondence, the audience saw something fully different. And this adds to the commentators’ urge to somehow offend the studio.

First of all, we set up work with comments and transferred the negative feedback to the topics of publications. Through memes and self-irony, we managed to locate the community. This is an important task — to make a support group out of the players. That way you will get another source of bringing a new audience.

Organic Traffic Tools


Reviewers help both identify negative reviews and work them out, and enhance the rating towards the positive. In the second case, you will either have to write reviews on your own, or encourage bloggers to do it instead.

When a person searches for “title” + reviews, popular reviewers make it to the TOP. Working on the reputation is a prerequisite. A lot of business owners say: “But we have 4.9 stars on the maps. We will keep expanding this way, but people there do not understand a single thing.” Well, yeah, and they will no longer want to contact the company. The first encounter with the brand affects its further perception. How will you reassure them and prove they are wrong?

The title of the review may contain a keyword for indexing or be purely emotional. For 5-star reviews, it is important to include product photos. Otherwise, the moderators might consider that the author did not get to use the product, but wrote a review on the order instead. If your product has many negative reviews, you’ll then want to follow a simple strategy:

  1. The number of characters in the text should be more than that in negative reviews.
  2. The number of pictures should be more than that in negative reviews.

For books promotion, I did reviews on microphones, keyboards, and other equipment that the books were next to. No direct ads, but the cover gets present to the mind of the audience. And next time they saw the book, people had more confidence in their purchase.

Other Tools

There are many tools designed for boosting organic traffic: from dating sites to promotion in stores, from writing quotes and jokes to e-books and events. All the organic traffic tools will be covered in the upcoming book from the Matter of Perception studio. Check out the latest news!