35. Letter from the 90s

35. Letter from the 90s

Remember when we used to write letters to each other as children? They kept them and occasionally re-read them. Letters were exchanged at school. They sent anonymous valentines. In the army, they sent letters to their parents. It was a great time! Even if you haven’t caught it, it’s worth diving into it with your partner.

What you need: free time

Preparation time: 1 day

Budget: minimum

A simple option is to write a beautiful declaration of love on A4 sheet and sign “Anonymous”. In any case, your partner will guess who is hiding behind the anonymous person. But it will cause a smile and a desire to please you. An option with a minimal budget is to buy special paper with an ink pen and a beautiful envelope.

Date Algorithm:

Write what you have long wanted to write. But do not tell your partner: “I wrote, now you write to me!” It is better to hint in a letter: “I am waiting for an answer, you know my address.”

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