37. Attractions

37. Attractions

What to do in summer? Pack your suitcase and go to the sea! And if you don’t go, then go to the city park for entertainment. The choice, of course, is not the same as at sea, but still there. Treat yourself to a great summer evening running from attraction to attraction.

What you need: good weather

Preparation time: 1 day

Budget: medium

In any park, you will find a lot of interesting rides: from competitive rides to an extreme carousel. Then eat juicy hot dogs, go into 5D and finish digestion on Hip-Hop.

Date Algorithm:

Romantic dates in the park can be very diverse and exciting. However, if you are looking for something more peaceful and relaxing, you should avoid extreme attractions and noisy places. Instead, you can enjoy a walk in the park, enjoying the beautiful view and the company of a partner. And if you still decide to try the attractions, do not forget to clarify which of them are suitable for romantic dates. In addition, you should take care of your health and choose healthier foods instead of high-fat and high-calorie foods. As a result, a romantic date in the park can become unforgettable and enjoyable if you choose the right atmosphere and activities. Family holidays are not a cheap thing in our happy time.

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