42. Foreign language

42. Foreign language

It was necessary to learn a foreign language earlier. But not because it is easier to learn it in childhood. You can learn it at any age. For this, there are all the possibilities: from free to individual training. It just requires knowledge of the language always at the wrong time. And we think: “What prevented us from teaching him?” What’s stopping you now?

What you need: free time

Preparation time: a month

Budget: medium

You can turn any, even routine, affairs into romantic dates. Set aside a month for learning a foreign language. And it’s not a waste of money. Knowledge of the language will always be useful: both for life and for work. And don’t forget support. Thanks to her, you will get even closer.

Date Algorithm:

Look at the websites of training centers in your city. Analyze reviews, compare them with prices. And choose the format of training: group or individually for two.

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