43. Slides, sleds and snowballs

43. Slides, sleds and snowballs

Since childhood, we look forward to 00:00 on the clock. Christmas mood comes with the first snow. The parents set the table. They are not allowed to eat even a piece of sausage. And a few hours before the important moment we fall asleep. So many wonderful and good memories. And the older we get, the harder it becomes to find the New Year mood. But appetite comes with eating!

What you need: free time

Preparation time: a week

Budget: minimum

As children, we often did what brought us pleasure and joy, without thinking about what surrounds us and what awaits us in the future. We just lived in the present and enjoyed every minute. But what if you return to these childhood fun and play with a partner? This will not only help diversify your leisure time, but also bring back to life those emotions and feelings that we experienced in childhood. Remember what you loved to do as a child and repeat it! Make a list and implement it! Right now!

Date Algorithm:

I am writing these lines a few days before the New Year. Snow began to fall only a week before the holiday. Before that, he walked and immediately melted. I haven’t gone downhill for a long time, I haven’t played snowballs. And I promise I’ll fix it within 72 hours.

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