49. Let’s shoot in VR?

49. Let’s shoot in VR?

Technology is constantly evolving. There are new functions in household appliances. Items are being upgraded. The term “VR” (virtual reality) has just appeared on hearing, as they are already talking about “AR” (augmented reality). And how everything will develop further – no one knows.

What you need: free time

Preparation time: a week

Budget: medium

Remember how VR helmets began to appear in the shopping center? Interest gave rise to businessmen to develop it. But then this interest dropped sharply. Glasses became available for purchase in stores. And suddenly there are arenas of virtual reality. Where in virtual reality glasses your team takes weapons and competes with the enemy team. Many wanted to move to the CS GO site and it turned out to be possible!

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There are other types of games. You can play alone or with a large team. Emotions are unforgettable! Find out if there are virtual reality arenas in your city and go to battle!

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