53. Paintball

53. Paintball

Paintball is a team game with the use of markers (pneumatic gun) that shoot balls with paint (gelatin shell with food paint), which break when they hit an obstacle and color it. You should not be afraid for clothes – the paint is easily washed off. But bruises can remain for several days.

What you need: Tight clothing to cushion impacts

Preparation time: a week

Budget: medium

Paintball clubs give out protective clothing for two teams. She will take all the colors of the rainbow. But choose your shoes wisely. The price includes balloons for each person. They are more than enough for several dynamic games. But there are situations when, due to an unsuccessful feint, all the bullets get enough sleep. But do not rush to buy them. Ask your teammates.

Date Algorithm:

The hardest part of organizing a game is finding enough people. Take care of this in advance and take an advance payment right away. So the likelihood of urgent cases on the day of the game will be significantly reduced.

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