52. Horse riding

52. Horse riding

Every girl dreams of a prince on a white horse. She sits on a bench, clicks seeds (they write on the Internet that this is a sign of high culture) and waits for her beloved. And then a white clean horse appears, and a stately handsome man sits on it and says: “Darling, won’t you marry me?” And with a smile from ear to ear replies: “I love you!” This is how the girls represent this momentous event. But we will do everything differently!

What you will need: the schedule of classes in the training center

Preparation time: a month

Budget: minimum

And not only will we climb on a washed horse ourselves, but we will also put our soul mate! After all, horseback riding contributes to the prevention of diseases of the circulatory system, as well as disorders of the respiratory and digestive systems. It’s not good if you take all the good for yourself, and she gets only the prince.

Date Algorithm:

Look online for equestrian clubs in your city. You can type in the search: “Hippodrome City” or “Horseback riding and riding in the City”.

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