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55. Cinema in the open air

Summer time is remarkable in that it opens up opportunities for unusual dates. And one of them is an open-air cinema. Series, movies, programs – all this is an integral part of modern life. You would in any case take the time to watch the movie at home on your computer. So why not change the scene?

52. Horse riding

Every girl dreams of a prince on a white horse. She sits on a bench, clicks seeds (they write on the Internet that this is a sign of high culture) and waits for her beloved. And then a white clean horse appears, and a stately handsome man sits on it and says: “Darling, won’t you marry me?” And with a smile from ear to ear replies: “I love you!” This is how the girls represent this momentous event. But we will do everything differently!

43. Slides, sleds and snowballs

Since childhood, we look forward to 00:00 on the clock. Christmas mood comes with the first snow. The parents set the table. They are not allowed to eat even a piece of sausage. And a few hours before the important moment we fall asleep. So many wonderful and good memories. And the older we get, the harder it becomes to find the New Year mood. But appetite comes with eating!

40. River Cruise

A wonderful vacation on a river cruise is just preparation for a real sea cruise! Buffet with excellent cuisine, wellness programs, trainings, show programs and discos. And also – excursions with visits to churches and cathedrals. It is the latter that are famous for river cruises in Russia. You will not see this on sea voyages. Maybe for the better?

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